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In addition to God created sunlight that shines through my window, an added ray of light is happening due to modern technology, also known as computers, (smile) I thank you… ‘Computech for Humanity”.
-Jacqueline  C.

I want to write this short thank you note, this computer will surely be an asset towards my education for the future, it’s a blessing especially for persons like myself who can’t afford to buy a computer. Your program is surely appreciated.
God Bless You !
-Daniel H. Vasquez

Before getting this computer I would go to peoples houses to use their computers or go to the library for free internet.
Now I have the ability to do so many things that were impossible:
-  Type letters
-  Back up cell phone contacts on a computer
-  Creative writing
-  Email and web communication, including job searches
-  Career-related networking
This will improved my business as well as personal life in immeasurable ways, it already has. Thank you again. And when I earn more money, I will think of you and donate used computers so that you will be able to continue helping people in need.
-Jennifer Barbosa
Los Angeles, CA.

My name is Godfreda Weedon-Cudjo. I met you on Tuesday to pick-up a new tower. This is my formal letter to say Thank you for proving me with a computer for school I am back in college finishing my BA degree I was renting a computer and using the computer at school a disabled student and I found out about your program through my Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and applied for your program hoping I would be picked not knowing I would be blessed with a very good quality computer as good as the one I was renting and better, because I really couldn’t afford to rent because I am on a fixed income with disability.
-Godfreda Weedon-Cudjo
Palmdale, CA

 Thank you so very much for the free computer system. You do not know how much this allow me freedom to search and apply for employment, practice my writing skills, research on the internet to find other opportunities and entertain myself especially during period were my illness starts to express itself. This computer allows me on some level to escape the pain.
This service you provide, is so desperately needed in the disable community, it is my hope and prayers that an angel will see the great value and help your organization to be able to reach out to more persons with disabilities.
Once again thank you.
-Joseph M. Von Teichert
Sylmar CA

I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for having an opportunity to receive this computer it’s truly a blessing.
By receiving this computer, my children are able to do their homework & reports, visit the internet & you know children, burn CD’s.  I personally haven’t had a chance to get on it, but I can assure you, it is being well used.

This is such a wonderful thing that your company is doing & enhancing the lives of those who are just a little less fortunate.
Again, thanks and may God continue to Bless you to bless others.
-Avis  N.  Brame

 Thanks for finding a new home for my computer equipment.
– Frieda Gockel

 I am writing you & the staff, to thank you for all for giving me the computer. It has made a different in my life and my schoolwork. By having my own computer I save time and get a lot more work done at home.
-Maggie Thompson
Los Angeles, CA

I am writing this letter to thank you for the computer equipment donated to me. This computer will help me very much in my studies. I have never owned a computer before and I will take advantage of it as much as I can.

Thanks to Computech for Humanity, I will be exposed to my first computer. It has always been very hard for me to obtain and even understand how a computer works, but now this gift was given to me will open many doors in the future.
Thank you again for your precious gift, that will change my life forever.
-Salvador A. Nolasco

The computer donated to me from you has been great. It has helped me to learn a lot about graphics and has improved my word spelling. And most important how to type.
I want to thank Computech for Humanity for improving my life and for the donations of computers.
-Jose Luis Sanchez
San Fernando, CA.


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